Our Story


Welcome to Love Our Locs

a luxury hair boutique bringing you a natural hair collection that you will absolutely love! Why are we so confident? Well, for starters, this hair collection began as a personal solution for our founder, Micheale, so we only provide you with products we ourselves proudly use. We have sourced our natural hair products from all over the world, bringing you a variety of styles and texture options to choose from. At the end of the day, we encourage you to "Be Your Own Hair Crush" with Love Our Locs!

The Road to Independence:

An unexpected cancer diagnosis led to CEO Micheale "Shelly Rockstar" Washington desperately searching for natural hair alternatives that would allow her to keep her look and hair as it always was. She found a few companies but none offered the exact hair she wanted or the look and texture of her natural hair.

Here’s the thing about black women’s hair – it’s beautifully unique. Each woman has a style and look that is made for her and it is extremely hard to duplicate which is why Micheale had problems finding the right alternative herself. She, however, refused to give up. With the support of other sufferers of medical related hair loss, family and friends, she continued her research and battle with cancer.  She eventually succeeded in her fight with cancer and her continued research led to a new dream: being the source of the ideal natural hair alternatives for all women.  She wanted to be the leader in providing tested and trusted solutions to other women when it comes to acquiring personal exquisite locs. Following critical research, development and sourcing, Love Our Locs was born. 

If you’re here to get hair that looks exactly like yours or perhaps you want to look like your favorite hair crush, you’ve come to the right place.