About Micheale 

Micheale Washington Love Our Locs

Achieving economic freedom empowers women all over the world to reach for greater heights. The new goal for women in today’s modern society is not to merely survive in their daily existence but to thrive in whichever arena they choose to belong in. This exciting phenomenon is what inspired Micheale to become an empowered trailblazer in various aspects of her life. She has earned a most-coveted spot in the music industry as a fearless female DJ in Miami – THE Shelly Rockstar, transformed herself into a fierce boss of her own beauty brand, Love Our Locs, after winning a challenging battle against cancer, and best of all, evolved into the bold supermom of her overactive toddler which propelled her to become a co-founder of Boss Moms Networking Group and founder of Fam Jam Foundation  (A non profit organization supporting victims of gun violence).

Micheale created an exciting life in Florida, armed with passion, resilience, and her unrivaled entrepreneurial spirit. After completing the prestigious University of Miami Film Program, she pursued a stellar professional career which is as diverse as the city she was born in. In a span of over a decade, she has worked for top companies as an outstanding corporate recruiter and human resource specialist. She has an excellent gift for spotting great talents and organizing successful initiatives to match the best people to the best jobs. Her experience in a multi-cultural and multifaceted industry as well as her exceptional networking skills led to the establishment of Mahogany Ink LLC, a consulting firm that provides writing services to independent filmmakers and production companies.

She thrived as a writing consultant and casting assistant on blockbuster films like Bad Boys I & II, Holy Man, Any Given Sunday and Miami Vice-Remake. To expand her horizon in the entertainment industry, she also worked with top modeling agencies including Unique Casting, Michelle Pommier Modeling and Talent Agency, Ford Models and International Model & Talent Agency(IMTA). The Forgotten Father, Micheale’s first feature was produced by Niterboys Entertainment and directed by Perry Cassagnol. The film which premiered at the Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale, FL won Best Drama Feature at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. Currently, Micheale is actively collaborating with actors, directors, and producers on new projects.

What Micheale loves about the entertainment industry is that she can explore different worlds and capitalize on her many talents. Conquering the music scene as one of America’s very own premier female DJ was a smooth transition for her. Fifteen valuable years working in human resources and corporate event management has successfully prepared her for her new and exciting on-stage role as Shelly Rockstar – playing outstanding hip-hop, R&B, Funk, Soul and Pop. She represents her 305 roots as an Alumnus of the University of Miami and as a graduate of Scratch DJ Academy - Miami the world-renowned DJ academy founded by DJ Jam Master Jay.

This woman is unstoppable! In addition to her list of superpowers, Micheale also maintains a full schedule as CEO of the Love Our Locs Natural Hair Collection, a luxury hair boutique that specializes in natural hair extension textures. This beauty brand is the outcome of her own personal struggle which began five years ago when she lost her mother to Lupus and she had to endure the tragedy of her brother being shot and left paralyzed. She mourned the loss of close family members and as the sole head of the family and a single mom at that, there was a time when her worries seemed never-ending. Micheale barely had time for herself and the trauma took a toll on her health but the last straw was when she was diagnosed with cancer.

She realized that she would have to give up her precious afro locks which were a source of pride for her growing up. Her hair was indeed a sight to behold! The unique signature dreads her fans adored will no longer exist and she had to accept that. Her hair then was way past her back and 10 years of growth was to be cut off in an instant, along with her pride and joy as a woman. Her journey in finding an alternative for her locks encompassed long hours of online surfing, reaching out to small companies who offered hair extensions and talking to people who suffered from medical hair loss as well as fashion divas that transitioned from chemically treated hair to natural ones. Micheale was motivated to rediscover her new self through this search and she had many like-minded individuals supporting her and cheering her on.

She encountered the limited options for beautiful and durable hair extensions in the market and after successfully combatting cancer she promised to change the status quo. Micheale aimed to provide the services she once sought to all the women in the world who are fighting cancer or the women finding their new identify through their own crowning glory – just like her – and her promise was fulfilled through the creation of Love Our Locs, the brand that she hopes will restore the faith of women in their own confidence and femininity. Each woman has the capacity to create a beautiful life for herself and her family in her own terms. Micheale believes that when that life is challenged or ruined, it can still be rebuilt by the same capable hands, the same creative mind, and the same bold and courageous heart a woman possesses. She doesn’t have time for doubts because she discovered the truth through her own life.