Daisy W. Smathers Free Locs Grant

Daisy W. Smathers Free Locs Grant


Providing Unique Support for Women with Hair Loss

The Daisy W. Smathers Free Locs Grant is a program created by the CEO and founder of Love Our Locs Natural Hair Collection, Micheale “Shelly” Washington in honor of her mother The Late Daisy Walthour Smathers, who suffered from Lupus. This program is designed with a view of bringing together South Florida women with medical-related hair loss and offering them support. 

Possible Health Implications of Unexpected Hair Loss

Hair loss is indicative of the onset of disease. This statement is from the American Academy of Dermatology (or AAD). According to this association, sudden hair loss can result from nearly 30 diseases among which are lupus, cancer, diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease, severe forms of alopecia, etc. 

Micheale had firsthand experience of this when she noticed she was gradually losing her hair and was later diagnosed with cancer. This was a terrifying experience for her because she felt she would lose her unique identity as a DJ and Beauty Brand Model. Her hair was the trademark for this business.

While undergoing treatment she searched desperately for alternatives to natural hair. She wanted to keep her look and hair as it was prior to the onset of cancer. She found a few boutiques. However, none of them gave her the exact hair she needed or the quality she desired.

Getting a product with the look and texture of her natural hair was difficult for Micheale. This prompted her to create The Love Our Locs Natural Hair Collection, which offers a wide variety of textures and curl patterns in extensions and custom wig units.

Several women who suffer from hair loss have huge expenses from their ongoing treatment. Apart from this, extreme changes brought about by their medical condition creates feelings of inadequacy and promotes low self-esteem and often times depression. 

The Free Locs Grant aims to turn the tide for by providing free custom wig units, hair extensions, hair products as well as hair and scalp care education — all these at no cost.

How South Florida Women Can Benefit from This Program 

South Florida women can apply to this program using the company’s online application during one of four open submission periods.  One Grant is awarded per quarter.

Submission Periods: 
Jan 1 - Mar 1 | Apr 1 - Jun 1|Jul 1 - Sep 1|Oct 1 - Dec