What's My Hair Type and other confusing questions about Black Hair!

What's my hair type? 

Conduct any searches using the key words  "Natural Hair" or "Natural Hair Care” online lately? If so you may already know that there are over 9 million results fitting that description. Natural Hair Care is experiencing an evolution!  Not sure where you and your hair fit in? Whether you are growing out chemically treated hair, or finally got the nerve to do the “Big Chop”, you may have come across a hair texture/type system on the lips of almost every naturalista. From 3a to 4c it can be very confusing. How do I find my hair type? This is a question we receive from our consumers on a daily basis. Natural hair styles have become more mainstream, but prior to this stance it was very difficult to find quality human hair extensions without straightening or chemically processing your own hair. Finally you can add length, volume, color, and signature style that matches the texture of your own locs. Now all you have to do is figure out that texture...right?

Andre Walker, stylist to the stars including Oprah Winfrey is credited as the originator of the legendary curl typing system.  Although somewhat controversial, this system is by and large accepted and adopted across the world because it gives accurate descriptions and care instructions that promote strong healthy and beautiful hair. 

Our research team scours the web for product demonstrations, homemade recipes and new techniques. A couple of our favorite go-to hair blogs BlackNaps.com andNaturallyCurly.com provide in depth information about hair type and texture. Consider this quick reference guide our summer school cheat sheet. 

This should come in handy when ordering your Love Our Locs Hair!

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