Perfect Fitting Wigs: Why Measuring Your Head Size is Crucial

Your Guide to a Perfect Fitting Wig

You find the perfect wig, order it, then as you are trying it on- it does not fit!

I am sure some of you are familiar with that feeling. The way your wig fits your head is vital.

A good, comfortable fit is essential, especially if you wear your wig for an extended amount of time. If a wig cap is not fitting or is too tight for your head, you will have a feeling of regret that you did not take steps to find your size.

First-time wig wearer? You may want to buy two different sizes, keeping the one that fits your head.

Knowing your measurements before you order or make a wig, is a key step. Having a wig that fits helps with the overall look and feel.

Once you know your correct size, picking out various styles of wigs is a breeze!

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