Love Our Locs Blog: Do Miracle Hair Growth Oils Work?

Do Miracle Hair Growth Oils Work?

Whether you are experiencing hair loss or you are just looking to expedite the rate at which your hair is growing, you might be weighing the benefits of purchasing a miracle hair growth oil. Miracle hair growth oils promise to:

  • Enhance growth
  • Thickens and strengthen hair
  • Improve scalp problems
  • Adds moisture and restores shine

Do these miracle hair growth oils work? Well, the answer to this question may vary depending on the product and be depending on the consumer. While these oils make great promises, whether or not they deliver is a whole other story. Let's take a closer look at what these serums promise to do and actual user experience.

Oils Promote Hair Growth

When applied to specific regions where hair loss is evident, this oil is reported to increase the rate at which hair grows. For example, those suffering from hair loss in the temple region may see hair slowly return over the course of several weeks at a much faster pace than if they had not taken advantage of a growth serum.

Thickens and Strengthens Hair

Consumers of these miracle oils report seeing changes in the texture of their hair. Hair that was otherwise thin becomes thicker and stronger with consistent use. In fact, some say that their hair became voluminous and bouncy as a result of using the oil.

Improves Scalp Problems

There are those who report that these miracle oils make the scalp feel alive as evidenced by modest tingling and relief of dryness, irritation, and flaking.  Also, these oils improve circulation and blood flow in the scalp region.

Adds Shine and Restores Moisture

Depending on the product you choose to buy, it may help to restore shine while also hydrating the scalp and conditioning the hair. This ability to infuse moisture can prove to be particularly appealing to those wearing braids, twists, weaves and hair extensions.

The Cons of Growth Oils

While some users may identify the pros listed in this article that they associate with using these hair growth oils, others report seeing no benefits. They do not see any changes in their hair texture, nor do they experiencing tingling, they instead complain about a product that creates an oily, greasy mess on their pillows and within their hair and over their scalp.  Also, there are a few users who report that they even experienced a shedding or balding with these products.

Many products on the market promise hair growth including:

  • Hair Love by Body Love by Myioshi retails for $15.00
  • Groveda Fast Hair Growth Product for Women retails for $15.00
  • Kaleidescope Miracle Drops $32.95

Before purchasing any growth serum products, you must do your research. Also, make sure to test a small region of your hair before applying any growth serum to your entire head. Beware of products that promise to work miracles and boost hair growth. Finally, if you are experiencing inexplicable hair loss, be sure to consult with your physician before deciding to take matters into your hands. Your doctor will be able to confirm if your hair loss is due to hormonal imbalances, medications or some other medical condition.

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